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We Don’t Talk Anymore

Art has always been a lover, friend, confidante, family, and a reflection. Creation can be a process of hair pulling, inventive curses and crying all over page (paper and/or electronic)

but we still do it.

We do it for those Hell Yeah! moments and when it’s finally time to add that The End. I’m hoping to getting to either of those points with this short story but we’ll see.

I’ve been reading a ton lately that I’ll talk about at a later date but I wanted to share a song I was grooving to the last few weeks. Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore featuring Selena Gomez. I’ve described it as a tune that you wanted to chew on. It’s tactile, it hits all the right notes and conveys a crystal clear image. Give it a listen. It’s sad but in a happy way? Like getting to the part where you’re in longing for the one you lost but understanding that life is just being life. I don’t know. Again: Give it a listen.

I wrote things. In January, I tried my hand at origami and I started to catch up my TCAF reading with part 1.

In February, I interviewed Derek Fridolfs & Dustin Nguyen for their book new book: Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice. I finished my Iris West series which also led to dropping The Flash as part of my viewing experience. It’s one of those experiences where it was hard to go back after you’ve been awaken to its issues.

I talked about Black Girl Magic, Niobe and Amandla Stenberg and I was reminded of what Lavern Cox said about role models:

“I hate the term “role model”. It’s presumptuous to think that anyone should model their life after you, but I do like the term possibility model.”

I read some manga (more on that later since their is a manga that broke me into pieces in the best way), I told people why they should be reading Prez Vol 1, I wrote a list of comics to check out if you loved Beyonce’s Formation, and I told people why Midnighter is cool.

That’s all for now.



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