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When A Book Is Just…Blah

I find the most difficult book to finish reading is the one that is just…blah. Blah: it’s not bad but it’s not great either. It’s good but not the type of good where you’d have fun reading it but don’t plan on ever doing it again. I’m talking about the kind of blah that makes you feel impatient to get to the end while also kind of being interested in the moment. That’s the issue I’ve been dealing with for the second time in my life.

A few months ago, I read this YA book that had all of the makings of being a great read. 50% into the book, I asked people on Twitter if I should continue. I haven’t been in this position before. The book wasn’t bad but I didn’t really have the will to go on. Everyone unanimously agreed that I should drop it. “Don’t waste your time! Spend it on a book you WILL enjoy.” But I still hesitated. I had this weird idea that if I stuck with it a little longer, it’ll pick up. I read another five pages and then decided it was time to let it go.

Then it happened again. I was reading this book for a few days and it felt like a really long process. It was taking too long to set up for such an intersting premise and wasn’t getting into the meat and potatoes of what I was expecting. After a while, I had to put it down in favour of some comics I needed to read in preparation for TCAF. Today, I picked it up again thinking I read 75% of it so why not finish the rest, right? But in reality, I was only 33% into it. So I’ve decided to drop it. I a bit sad by this decision but I do have other books and comics waiting to be read and I don’t think this book will get any better. Even it does, I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m dragging dead weight with me to get there. Reading is an emotionally driven and stimulated experience so if you’re not emotionally invested, you don’t need to feel like you should finish. It’s always about the journey and if it doesn’t feel right, journey elsewhere.



1 thought on “When A Book Is Just…Blah”

  1. I’ve been there – and it is very true drop a book and move on there are so many books out there that could move you, find them and let them!


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