Art by Nate Bellegarde. Hipster Rogue. X-Men. Rogue.
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Remember when…

…I said I’d use my first blog post from my book blog way back in 2012 as my second post? HERE IT IS. This post is dated June 1, 2012. Man, time flies! I have to admit that I’m jealous of my past self who is so much wittier than I. Enjoy.

Title: Yay! First Post!

Hello All,

I honestly have nothing to say other than HELLOOOOOO!

This is my first post on this blog and I’m still tweaking a few things.

I guess I can tell you what’s going on today or what happened. Nothing too interesting unfortunately. It’s been raining the entire day and I wore my hipster cowboy boots to work (not just cowboy boots but HIPSTER cowboy boots. I don’t know why but adding hipster makes it sound so much more stylish…you will soon learn that I am not a stylish person in any sense of the word). Whenever I walk through campus, I sound like a horse because of the heels of the boots and the buckles that keep hitting each other with every step, making a clicking noise. A lot of people were disappointed to find out that I was, indeed, just a student and not a stallion (if you’re going to be a horse, it might as well be a stallion).

Yes, I work on campus.

Yes, it’s awesome.

No, it isn’t like Meg Cabot‘s Size 12 Isn’t Fat Series where I work at a dorm and play detective because I don’t work a dorm.

I did play detective once but it was more like trying to find a misplaced package rather than a killer…

Nope, I’m just an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist who makes awesome photocopies…

Okay, I’m off to make this blog look better and feed my angry belly.

I leave you now with Hipster Rogue by artist Nate Bellegarde. Why? No clue. It was some how related to the post.

Art by Nate Bellegarde. Hipster Rogue. X-Men. Rogue.


Till next time.

A. A. Omer


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