Ms Marvel #8. Kamala Khan. Ms Marvel. Marvel. September 10, 2014. Cover Art by Jamie McKelvie. Written by G Willow Wilson. Art by Adrian Alphona.
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What’s really cool about a new blog is the anonymity.

Granted, this is the main link on my Twitter account which almost has a thousand people following it but I haven’t advertised it at all! (trust me, I was tempted). I just quietly slipped it through like a thief in the night. That’s the saying, right? It doesn’t matter because I don’t need to perform! That’s the beauty of the first post of a new blog that no one has yet to stumble upon. I’m not saying I’m a fake version of myself when I write on my book blog that I’ve had for two years and nine months or when I write for sites like WWAC. To a degree, we all perform. At the very least, we tell white lies or adjust ourselves slightly and on the other end of the spectrum, we tell giant lies that involve secret identities and evil twin siblings. I’m drawing this current line of thinking from my time learning about Erving Goffman’s The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (not the evil twin thing. that comes from the years I watched soaps like Passions and The Young & the Restless). I studied it in an earlier criminology class before really delving into it during my fourth year while taking a third year Sociology of Gender course. It’s nice to know that my time at university was not a wasteful experience and that it did, as advertised, provided me with knowledge I could use in real life outside of the academic bubble.

I miss that bubble. Leaving high school to go to university was like shattering one comfortable bubble and attempting to successfully transition into a new one. It’s during that transition that I started my book blog (before that I had a Tumblr blog for a year called Heroeswelcomed that was pretty awesome. I interacted with great people in the writing community that offered me emotional support for this transition) which helped integrate into this bubble – academia – only to shatter that nifty bubble for…dun Dun DUNNN…real life.

Real life is terrifying guys.

Anyways, I won’t expose my entire life story in this first post. I need to leave some mystery and pizzazz for future posts. I literary planned to have this post just muse on why a first post is so much fun to write. Maybe I’ll re-post my first post from my book blog as my second post because…why not????

Enough verbal diarrhea. I will leave you with something profound via a panel from Silk #1:

Silk #1. Cindy Moon. Marvel.  February 18, 2014. Comics.

— A.


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